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First impressions are important. Your front yard is the first thing people notice when coming to your home for the first time. With the help of our landscape design from More Pro Inc, you can make an unforgettable first impression. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your property. We have a 3D computer that allows us to show you what the design will essentially look like so you know exactly what you’re getting with our service. Our talented designers will create an eye-appealing design and get your Schaumburg residence to stand out above the rest.

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Visit our gallery to view our most recent projects and to get new ideas for your next landscaping project. If you need ideas, our design team is ready to help! Call for a FREE Estimate today at 847-845-2516.

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Landscaping Design Schaumburg

Adding brick and concrete designs to your yard can help create a beautiful look to your property. We can transform your current patio, walkway and driveway into a concrete or brick paver design. Landscape design involves a lot of planning, analyzing, choosing materials and figuring out the overall cost each customer is willing to spend before starting the project. Landscape design allows you to bring your unique ideas to life in your own backyard. The first step in the design process is finding the right landscaping professional in your area. When you are ready to plan your next landscaping design project, give More Pro a call! Our design team has extensive knowledge and many years of landscaping experience. We are always ready and prepared to help with any project you have. We will create a plan specifically for your home and go through the process with you, step-by-step. We can even create a mock design on our 3D design software to give you an example of what your design will look like.

Design Process

  1. Consultation – first you will meet with a landscape design team, talk about your ideas, and go over any questions or concerns.
  2. Plan – after listening to your ideas the designer will start analyzing the ideas and your overall space. Then start creating a drawing of the design.
  3. Overall plan – going over the final plan with your designer and making a final decision on the landscape design for your home.
  4. Planting – choosing which plants you want and where for your new landscaping space.
  5. Design & installation – after everything is finalized the design team will start doing what they do best, working on your landscape design project!



Landscape Project Ideas

There are so many things you can do with your yard that it could become overwhelming just thinking about it. With More Pro we make it easy. We can help give you ideas and options for your yard or go over a plan you already have. If you need help or inspiration, our designers will be ready to help!

Some things you can add to your yard are:

  • Brick & Stone – a brick or stone patio, walkway and driveway can transform the look of your current outdated space.
  • Concrete- concrete stamped driveway, patio or sidewalk can enhance the look of your home and curb appeal
  • Retaining Walls – retaining walls are a great addition to create more space in your yard. You can use them to surround your plants, trees, gardens or along your front walkway
  • Landscape Curbing – it will prevent weeds and grass from invading your garden, plant beds, etc. It also allows you to add a fun design to your property.
  • Sod Installation – Sod installation will keep your lawn healthy and lush.

Contact the professionals at More Pro Inc. for all your landscaping needs. Our professionals have many years of experience and you will not be disappointed. We always provide excellent customer service that you can trust. Our designers can work with you on any project, big or small and it will transform the look of your property.



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