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Concrete Service Schaumburg

Transform the look of your home or business with our concrete designs. We can do many different concrete projects including: patios, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, foundations and curbs. We have highly trained and experienced professionals who provide quality work. We also offer FREE Estimates. Call for an estimate or to schedule an appointment today!

  • “Can’t say enough good things about this company…”
  • “Very good communication and responsiveness. Hard working crew. They did a really nice job on our concrete front stoop and walkway.”
  • “Reasonable price and high craftsmanship!”
  • “They were friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.”

Visit our review page to view more customer reviews! You can also view our gallery to see some of our most recent projects. If you need help coming up with ideas, our design team is ready to help! Call for a FREE Estimate today at 847-845-2516.

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Concrete Patio Schaumburg

Thinking about renovating your Schaumburg patio? Choose More Pro to help! We can assist you in choosing the best concrete design that matches the style of your Schaumburg residence. Concrete is easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about re-staining it every so often, like you would have to do with a wood deck. With concrete you are able to create your own look in your outdoor space! Our designers at More Pro are highly certified and will help you throughout the entire process. We have several concrete options for you to choose from. When you are ready to start your next project call our team! We will create a design that fits the style of your home and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. We can even use our 3D software that allows us to show you what the design will look like before we start. Below are some reasons why more and more people are choosing concrete patios.

Benefits of Concrete Patio Schaumburg

  1. Maintenance- concrete patios are easier to maintain because you do not have to refill paver cracks with sand or dig up grass and weeds. Concrete also saves you time and money compared to having a deck. You do not have to stain it or worry about termite infestation.
  2. Durability- a concrete patio is very durable and can withstand a range of weather conditions in the Schaumburg area.
  3. Value- you can do many things with concrete at affordable prices such as, stamped, engraved or textured. Most of the time it can add value to your home as well.
  4. Environmentally friendly- you do not have to worry about putting solvent-based wood stains in the air with concrete, like you would with a wood deck.
  5. Make it your own- because you have several different concrete design options, you are able to make your concrete patio look different than others in your Schaumburg area.

Concrete Driveway Schaumburg

Does your driveway need to be redone? Our professionals at More Pro can help find the best type of driveway for your Schaumburg residence. We highly recommend concrete driveways. They are easy to maintain, durable and affordable. Our concrete specialists are highly certified and provide quality work. You can trust our team for the best possible service and utmost customer service.

Why Choose A Concrete Driveway?

  1. Durable- concrete is very strong and withstand weight form heavy vehicles. It is also extremely durable and doesn’t have to be repaired every few years like asphalt might have to be.
  2. Low Maintenance- it is usually very easy to keep concrete driveways clean and if there are any stains, water can usually get it out.
  3. Customizable- People forget that there are lots of options you can choose form when getting a new concrete driveway. There are stamped, patterns or textures you are able to choose from.


Next time you are thinking about doing a concrete project call More Pro Inc. You can trust our service and team members with all of your concrete projects. We will make sure that you are comfortable with the design plan and keep you updated throughout the whole process. We want to help add value to your Schaumburg home or business property. With our service you will be sure to enjoy your finished product for years to come.

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