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More Pro Inc. is the number one choice for landscaping services in Glen Ellyn. We will take care of everything from paver bricks, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance and landscape design! Landscaping services are a great way to  increase the value of your home, not mention the creation of a beautiful space to relax or entertain guests.

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More Pro Inc. is a family-owned and operated business available for residential and commercial landscaping projects in Glen Ellyn Illinois. Our experienced crew of design experts and contractors will work with you to plan a practical, functional, and eye-catching landscaping design. Our high-tech design software allows you to preview a realistic 3D computer composite of the finished project so you know exactly what you’re getting! With More Pro Inc., you can expect to get:

We help with everything from the initial design, plan, and installation. You can expect the completed project in a timely manner with the professionals at More Pro Inc. We are fully licensed & insured. Call us today: (847) 845-2516. View our customer reviews

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Landscaping Contractors in Glen Ellyn Illinois

The average American homeowner spends over 70 hours a year on landscaping and lawn care and between $1,000-$5,000 on landscaping. All this hard work lets you show off a beautiful space to your neighbors. To save free time, landscaping services from More Pro Inc. can help get your lawn to be the space you envision. Lawn maintenance services help in many different ways such as:


  1. Healthy lawn, trees and plants – landscape and lawn care will keep your lawn, trees and plants healthy all season long. It will keep away the weeds and fungi that make your Glen Ellyn area property look like it’s over grown and not taken care of. Weeds and fungus also take the water and nutrients away from your surrounding trees and plants.
  2. Healthy soil – fertilization keeps the soil healthy and keeps your plants growing strong. Without healthy soil, your plants and grass will not be able to grow nicely.
  3. Pest control – pest control is usually part of a landscape maintenance service. Beetles, insects, and other pests will eat away at your lawn and destroy your trees. Keeping them away to prevent damage to your property and protect your yard and the money you put into it each year.
  4. Curb appeal – another HUGE reason why homeowners spend so much time and money on their landscaping is to enhance their curb appeal. Curb appeal adds value to your home and helps with its overall resale value. 

At More Pro Inc. we offer landscape maintenance and lawn care service. We design, plan and execute all types of landscaping and brick paving projects. Our goal is to create your landscaping into a beautiful full-functioning space. Keeping it looking great all season long will also increase your homes curb appeal. We have years of experience and are proud of all of our extremely satisfied customers, who choose us over and over again.

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